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My Wi-Fi app not showing boost

Recently, the my WiFi app has stopped showing my boost extenders as part of my network. The network is functioning, devices can connect to it, but the booster just don’t show up on the app. I have 4 boosters, 1 hardwired, and 3 wirelessly connected to the T3200M. Any thoughts or advice?

Community Power User
Community Power User

Make sure you have the most recent version of the App.

If that does not fix it, delete and reinstall the App.


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Just Moved In

Did you ever get this figured out? I'm having the same problem.

Haven’t figured it out yet. I have deleted and reinstalled the app and that didn’t work. I was hoping to avoid factory resets of all the boosters and reinstalling, but unless someone has any other suggestions that might be my only option.

Solved the issue, luckily before factory resetting everything and starting from scratch. Powered down the booster connected to the modem via Ethernet cable. Started it back up. The app then recognized the whole boost network. I just needed to add the admin password on the back of that booster for the network to reappear on the app. Hope this works for you.