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Lan port disabling internet

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I have a t3000 gateway and its been swapped out multiple times. I have an issue where my internet goes down and I can't get an IP address. After a week of everything working normally my internet (wifi and hardwired) cuts out again. I have a cable running from one of the LAN ports to a smart TV. When I unplug the ethernet cable the internet is restored. This issue started about a month ago but this setup was working for over a year. Could this be a ethernet cable issue or is something else going on?

Community Power User
Community Power User

I wonder if your Smart TV received an update causing th changed behaviour. 

To test your hypothesis, can you run a temporary Ethernet Cable to the TV?


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Same issue with different cables. After some research it sounds like it's a pause frame flood issue and the t3000 doesn't handle it properly so it shuts down all internet.

I dont know what a good solution is, any tips on that would be helpful

Do you happen to have a Sony Bravia TV? I have encountered this issue in the past and I narrowed it down to a defect in the Ethernet driver or firmware. It seems to related to power standby mode. A reboot sometimes fixes it for a while. Maybe try adjusting the power settings.

It resolved itself with a firmware update sometime later as I haven't seen the issue in over a year.


Some info here as well: