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Issues with install

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I have been dealing with failed installation attempts for over a month now, waiting for services to be installed since October. Chronologically this is what has happened:

  • Drop was installed at the wrong property - was unaware
  • Inside installation date arrives, the tech cannot obviously install, does not assist with rescheduling as he promises.
  • After waiting some time i contact telus and they advise they will dispatch the 3rd party to correct the drop, this doesn't happen without another call
  • Drop team arrives without notice and installs a drop
  • Telus cancels my installation for today, i call in and they explain the drop is not complete, i advise it was completed. 
  • A technician shows up today, late, and now informed me the drop is dead.....spent most of his time speaking to his friend on the phone....

Is there a process to submit a complaint? my phone is now shoing over 8 hours in total connected to the telus support line,  am not sure why i even tried to obtain services from telus at this point.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. Just following up on this. Have you been able to get this issue resolved?