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Arcadyn router issues after power is restored


Always have issues getting device connected after a power failure (or when arcadyn is rebooted.)

Devices such as ipads, wifi light switches, amazon alexa, etc will not connect. When checking, as an example, the ipad. It will show it is connected to Wifi but there is no internet connection. The weird thing is, some devices do connect and get an internet connection, but not all. 


As mentioned on a previous post, I also experience the same. 

The last post on it mentioned replacing the modem, but is there another fix besides hardware. I did reach out to Telus but all they would do is troubleshoot and have me reboot the device over and over. 


Was there any updates to issues related to arcadyn router?






Community Manager
Community Manager

It would appear that an equipment replacement may be your best bet to resolve this once and for all.