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Internet using Eero


Okay this will be a rather long question, but would appreciate any suggestions. I am moving from a house that has cat 5 outlets in every room to a house that has no cat 5. It does have coax to all the TV's and I understand they can use MOCA adapters to get me network. My services all come into the basement and then the coax is distributed to the TV's. Most TV's will have a coax but placement of some will not. So was hoping that the wifi was good enough to accomplish the task for those that don't. I have the new Telus modem (round one) and 4 wifi extenders. Downstairs where my son will have his PC (tower) there will be no coax. So I thought perhaps that if I used Eero 6 mesh that one of the units could be in the closet. The other by his desk (probably about 20ft away) and he could use the network ports to get good internet to his PC. But then I was reading that perhaps the wireless TV's won't work with the Eero. (something about multicast). So was wondering can I just plug the Eero into a port on the Telus modem and have it work? He doesn't need to be on the same network as the rest of the house, he just needs good stable internet. 
And if the Eero doesn't work for Telus IPTV then I need both wireless networks in order for the TV cable box to work wirelessly? Anyways, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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Community Power User

One suggestion might be to look at powerline networking:


What Is Powerline Networking and How Do You Use It? | Digital Trends


I live in a 2-story concrete condo and have a couple of desktop computers (ethernet only) that are on a different floor or the opposite end of the condo from the router. I found powerline gave me a good stable wired connection. I also use a powerline wifi-extender that helped with a dead spot.

Just a long time customer hoping to help.