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copyright infringement?


My son has been playing World of Warcraft for years and the odd time I would get an email from [email protected] about a copyright infringement related to a specific time for WoW, which I called Telus about, and they said they did not email me, so I ignored it. However I have been receiving this email more frequently with an attachment of the notice in the language it was received, as well as tips on how to improve my internet security and a link to Industry Canada FAQ's.

Does anyone know if this is legit from Telus or an elaborate phishing attempt?



Community Power User
Community Power User

I've never heard of a copyright infringement notice for WoW before. Those copyright infringement claims are typically generated as a result of someone using your connection to download a media file (TV, movie, music), usually from torrents. The notice will identify the file at the bottom of the message without needing to open the attachment. I wouldn't recommend opening the attachment anyways as they're often Word documents full of macros. Telus used to have the infringement email coming from [email protected]. The [email protected] email has been associated with questionable / possibly spam emails before.


The bottom of the email previously looked something like:

You are subscribed as (your Telus account email address).

Your IP address is ###.###.###.###.

Time of event: 2021-MM-DD HH:MM:SS
Date of event: 2021-MM-DD HH:MM:SS
Asset title: <Name of show/movie/song/file>
IP address: ###.###.###.###
Notification ID: (some mix of letters and numbers)


The IP address in the message should match your router / public IP address. (

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Thanks for the info - the bottom says pretty much as you have it. I couldn’t get through to Telus ( too long a wait), so I thought I would throw this out there.
I have never opened the attachment after calling Telus the first time. I will try to get through to Telus again to see if they can explain what this is about.


@Jeff2022  I would say this is scam in the making. Try it and let us know the results.

Yup, sure!