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Receiving Copyright Infringement Notices, no one downloaded those files

Just Moved In

The past few months we have received 2 copyright infringement notices for filesharing. No one in the house has downloaded either of the video files mentioned, I'm sure of it. Both have been from Viacom.The first time this happened, I reset the wifi name and password and thought that would be enough in case someone was using our network. What else can I do? I contacted Telus the first time and the security guy was positive that it was coming from our IP. We use Telus FibreOptics if that matters.


Community Power User
Community Power User

While troubling I would ignore these messages. It's possible the IP address listed in the email had been previously been assigned to another Telus customer. A reboot of you Telus router often results in a new IP address assigned to your router.


You may find this informative:


Notices to Canadian Internet subscribers (