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Moca box (but looking for setup with Moca box with two ethernet/LAN ports)

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Moca box installed. Coax from wall to Moca box, ethernet port on the Moca used for wife's computer. Works like a bomb (aka great) at great speeds. But because the Moca box has only one ethernet port, we can't plug in to the Moca box and use both the tv and the computer. It's one or the other at a given time. Seems that a splitter for the ethernet port on the Moca box will slow internet speeds down considerably, assuming it will enable two devices (tv and computer) to be used at the same time. If not, and if we can use both computer and tv at the same time (both accessing internet through the Moca box), then the 15 dollars for a splitter sounds like a plan. But if the splitter won't work well (because of slower speeds), is there such a thing as a Moca box from Telus with two ethernet ports? If not from Telus, are they available? And will they take care of my problem (wanting to use one Moca box to use two internet-connected devices at the same time)? Thanks. For replies, please keep in mind that I haven't got a clue what I'm doing here. I'm not tech-oriented. At all.  Thanks again. 


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Community Power User

If you connect two devices which simultaneously use data, of course each will slow down. Whether that is an issue to your use or not is a different factor. I suggest spending the $15 on an ethernet switch, and trying it out.


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