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Internet caching problem


I am a web designer. When updating websites I am getting some server side code that is cached. I know that the website in question is not set up with server side caching. Deleting browser cache does not solve the problem. Using different browsers doesn't help. I tried reseting my router. I don't know what else to do. The hosting company that hosts this website is saying that they are not seeing any caching. When I use my Telus mobile data on my phone the caching doesn't occur. Al least not that I've seen. My computer is hard wired (no wifi).



@dgomez Wrote: When updating websites I am getting some server side code that is cached.


There has been some discussions regarding browser proxy setting in the forums prior. Perhaps this may be your solution. I recognize that you've cleared the browser cache, however, if the proxy setting allow cache filling it each time I could see where this maybe the source of your problem. please have a gander at the following it may help... Cheers...


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This did not help. When I log into the router web address I can log in but as soon as I click a link the next page kicks me out.

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Community Power User

Are you coding the entire site by hand or are you using a CMS like Wordpress? Does your hosting account also have server side caching settings? My hosting account has that feature, which I can access in cPanel and even flush the cached data.

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It is WordPress. The Server Caching feature is disabled. 

I found this setting in Chrome called Use secure DNS. I changed it from 'With your current provider' to 'With Google (Public DNS)' and so far the pages are loading correctly.

I used the same settings in Microsoft Edge and it seems to be working there now as well