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Internet Speed


Internet and home phone on fibre along with Optik TV

I'm being billed for Telus Internet 150 but the Speedtest shows Download = 93.75 and upload = 93.62.  How should I proceed?  Thank you.  Paul



On which device are you running Speedtest, on a client device (PC, tablet or phone) or the router?



I am running this on our PC. Thanks! Paul

The speed test will measure the slowest part of your connection to the Internet. If your PC is connected by Ethernet at 100 Mbps or by WiFi at any link speed lower than 150 Mbps then what you are measuring is the that speed and not your Internet speed.


Log on to the Telus router and run the Speed Test that's available there. That will eliminate any impact of your client device connection speed.

Instructions for logging on to your router are here. You can select your router on that page if you don't have the T32300M.


Keep in mind that everything on your home network is sharing the same Internet connection during the test so your test result will be lower by the shared amount.



My speed test at the router. I usually get from 79 - 85 Mbps. I'm on Internet 75. 😁

Speed Test at Router.jpg

My speed test from my PC. The first test 79.51 Mbps was with 5GHz WiFi connected with a link speed of >485 Mbps. It matches the test done on the router. The second test 55.18 Mbps was with 2.4GHz WiFi connect with a link speed of 150 Mbps. It is slower than the test done on the router even though the link speed is 150 Mbps. I have a lot of smart devices connected on 2.4 GHz so the throughput is less than what the link speed indicates.

Speed Test at PC.jpg


Thank you.  Christmas prep is demanding more time so I'll get to more testing later. P.

Mine is almost the same and maybe worse. I’m on 150 also and on the 2.4 ghz band I can only get 30-50 down and worse the upload. No difference even when changing to different channels. On 5ghz I can get about 100 down and about 90 up. Honestly, I don’t think PureFibre is as good as they say it is. Never had a single issue getting my maximum speeds when I was with Shaw.