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Pure Fibre in Sherwood Park AB


Is there any news/progress in the availability of fibre to the home in Sherwood Park? Telus is losing clients to cable internet due to the slower maximum speed. 


Community Power User
Community Power User

The Neighbourhood is inhabited by Telus customers. We have no insight to Telus’ expansion plans, but you can check this tool to see what they have published.

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I’m not impressed with Telus PureFibre Internet at all. We’re on their 150 plan and all I can get from their 2.4ghz band is 30-50 MB/s down and about 20-30 MB/s up no matter what channel I use. The 5ghz band is a bit better at around 100 MB/s down and 80 MB/s up. I’m seriously thinking about going back to Shaw where I never had this problem with them getting the max speed I pay for.

Sounds like a router issue. I'd hey them to check it out before giving up. I get home almost the same from my copper connection.

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Yeah, I hate dealing with Telus, it’s a joke trying to call them every time. With Shaw, I would just take the router to their store in the mall near me and they would exchange it on the spot with no problems.

I never try calling them. I use their chat service and if they need me to talk to them they call me.

They always send a tech out if it can not be resolved remotely.

Beats running around town burning my gas.