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Internet Price Increase


Got my January bill today and it says my price for 300/300 internet will rise by $10 per month in March!!!  This after I was told I wasn't eligible for any of the fancy new customer deals or discounts when I signed up for Telus services when they brought fibre to my neighbourhood.  The reason given at the time was that the fibre install was expensive and to recoup costs the deals were not available.  It is interesting that Telus won't post the price increases and tells everyone to look at their bills.  This tells me that the increases vary for the same service depending upon where you live.  I switched all of my services to Telus - internet, TV, phone, and cellular - only for the bundle discounts to disappear ... now maybe it is time for me to reduce my services to keep my monthly bills reasonable.



Got my invoice today. My 150 internet is going up by $5 a month.

My Internet 75 is going up $5/month as well.

My all I can get 25 is going up $5 also

My Telus bill is going down to $0 as of Feb long Cat Frustrated


This is there internet on pure fiber and paid for rate of 300 and they have the gall to raise ratesImage

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey Doug, if you're on PureFibre, you should be getting exactly what you pay for. Please get in touch with our tech support team at 1-888-811-2323 and they will be able to get this resolved. You can also chat with them online via the "Chat" tab at the bottom of the following page: