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I would like to email telus tech support

Friendly Neighbour

HI I would just like to ask a simple question.  I was wondering if someone would be able to give me an email address for telus tech support.  I would like to get a hold of them about an important matter.  My mom has a landline witch is connected to my lifeline.  You see the landline is sitting on the gravel road and it gets run over all the time by vehicles and tractors and this causes the landline to become broken or dissconnected. It would be nice to see this landline burried in the gravel road so we do not keep having this issue.


Thanks for any advice




Community Power User
Community Power User

Burying a line isn't tech support. The repair techs that come out would usually submit the request. Getting a rural line trenched in, at least pre-covid, had massive wait times (years). A family member has an acreage so I'm familiar with what happened in their situation. For roads on private property, if there's a pre-existing conduit that meets all of the minimum requirements, or if there can be or is an open trench ready to go, getting Telus out to run the line through it can be fairly easy. Just depends on how soon a lineman can get booked. The delay in all other cases is the time it takes to get a crew out to put the trench in to either drop the line in or to drop a conduit in.



- Is the gravel road on private property, a driveway, or is it a public road?

- Who owns / controls the road? (individual, county, etc)

- Is the line connecting the house to the phone lines along the roadway or is the damaged line one that runs along a public road?

- Are there power poles / telephone poles on the property?

- If private property, do you have any equipment that could potentially dig a narrow trench to either drop the line or a conduit in to?

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The Gravel road is on a driveway it is a public road.  Their is an indivdual it is out in the country.  The Gravel road runs beside the indivduals house.  Yes the landline is connected to a power pole.  Their are power poles on the property their is a telephone pole at the corner when you come off the highway.  Yes this is private property but I do not have any equipment to dig a trench or a line into or to put a condit in to.  So is this what is holding Telus back from burying the landline in the road or digging a trench for the landline.  I would like to see this issue get fixed for one very important reason I rely on a lifeline unit in case I fall or get hurt or need help for an ambulance.  This is very important for me telus.



Sorry for the mistake I mean I do not have any equipment to dig a narrow trench for the telephone line in or to the landline into a codit.