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I just learned Telus is migrating webmail to Gmail!

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Community Power User

I suspect this is related to email issues Telus had in August but that's speculation on my part. I was trying to modify my Junk mail settings for Webmail and can't seem to find the settings to change it. In the process I discovered this:

Webmail to Gmail migration: What you need to know Starting March 2020, we will begin migrating all TELUS Webmail accounts to Gmail, the Google email platform


If this was publicized I seem to have missed it. More information here:


Here's hoping this transition goes smoothly. I'm curious what the privacy implications are as that's why I've stayed away from Gmail.

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Community Power User

Every email provider has tools to deal with spam and malspam. How they work and are implemented will vary. This is most certainly the reason you are seeing the change in behavior.


IMO Telus was overly aggressive in blocking messages. I never receive NDR (non-delivery report) messages using Telus email. I have yet to be migrated but I'm hoping that Gmail will not block these as it's good to know if a message didn't get delivered.


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I hear you. Neither did I ever get notification of non-delivery from Telus. But it so infrequently happened I wasn't too bothered. On the other hand, this weekly flood of spam irritates me. I suppose even in this hi-tech world nirvana is still out of reach.

The messages were showing up Google webmail interface in Sent folder so wasn't the PC or phone both are setup as POP.


Anyways I reset my password to a very complicated one nothing was sent this morning.


Now I have another issue was still using to send out mail but started getting 550 rejected messages this morning so changed over and now any messages sent via Phone or PC show back up in my Inbox tried tweaking Gmail settings as per below but no luck so far.