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How long did your install from utility pole to home take?

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I understand all cases are unique and this probably doesn't really mean much, but I'm just curious.  2 days ago telus strung fibre to the utility pole on my road.  I'm wondering how long did it take to get from that point until they are installing the fibre into houses?


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Community Power User

They'll usually finish running fibre to the area first before connecting houses. Could be days, weeks or longer before the area is ready to go online. My dad is in an area where aerial fibre was run. The best thing you can do is fill out the form requesting fibre. That's what he did and when fibre was ready he got a call back to set up service and run the line to the house. Not sure if it's still the same process but the form is a good starting point.

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@Flyguy1ca  Your site may differ. Our town and area one crew strung mainline cable for approx 5 t0 6 months. After that another different crew ran lines to the house for ones wanting fiber back to a pedistal 3 to 5 blocks away. i assume during this time equipment was being install and tested before any hookups start - then a different install crew (local).If your request for fiber is in a couple of months and that is a guess. I went to fiber one year after all cable was in air and working  it took about a month when i got notice of date of install. The fiber was already into house but local crew did the install that took 1 to 2 hours. Special equipment with different crews.  Be patient it will come. Not plug and play. Polecat