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How is it that my IP # keeps changing


How is it that my IP # keeps changing when on Telus.


So far it has changed at least 8 times over the past few days and is not staying on Telus servers but rather it hits

a Fastly server or a Akamai Technologies, Inc. server and occasionally it will revert to a Telus server. 


I will mention that I do use  and

off of Cloudfare but iwhy would t

Telus kick it over to the two above mentioned servers


Are you asking about your assigned external IP address or the DNS server address? Those are very different things.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Additionally, are you using a browser with a built in VPN? Since you are using Cloudflare's, are you using the Warp feature from it? That will give you different IPs also as it's like a VPN.

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