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How do you cancel Telus Home Voice Mail?

Just Moved In

Simple as that. Need to cancel this ‘feature’ as it is creating problems with critical Medical appointments and other urgent matters.


History: Prior to being forced to Fibre our stand-alone answering machine would flash a red light if a message was left while we were away. Arrive home flashing red light… clearly and obviously there is a message.


Since Fibre…Telus automatically intercepts unanswered calls bypassing the stand-alone answering machine. There is NO VISIBLE ALERT of a message to be heard and answered. You must lift the handset and LISTEN for a series of beeps to know if there any messages. This is simply not acceptable.


I have tried to cancel via support services but have been told there is no way cancel that part of our basic plan. I refuse to believe there is no way to cancel this unacceptable  service.


If we’ve been out shopping or outside doing yard work are we expected to left the handset every time we come in to see if a message has been left while we’re out of ear-shot? 


We’ve been missing confirmation of Medical Appointments and urgent requests from family members because we do not lift the handset every time we step out for a moment.


Our standalone Answering Machine with a flashing red light NEVER created this problem.


Community Power User
Community Power User

Arguably, you just have to change your habit from looking for the blinking light to lifting the handset, but here is one interim solution until you have the voicemail service removed:

set the number of rings for the Telus voice mail to 9 rings, and your answering machine to some lower number such as 5. 
there is also a description in the help pages about cancelling your voicemail you could try.

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