How do I really know if it’s Telus calling?


My call display shows TELUS and the number 778-771-0187. On my voicemail I hear a name I can’t make out and a request to call back. How do I know if this is a legitimate call from TELUS?  I am not feeling I want to call the number back. On occasion I’ve received similar calls, but I didn’t save the number. I’ve never responded to any of them, but perhaps I’m missing some good offer Smiley Happy

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I'm in agreement that one should be cautious about these cold calls. Too many scammers out there and caller ID spoofing is rampant. On the rare occasion when I do answer a call from an unknown number I always ask them for information about my account. If they can't or won't tell me then I hang up. I figure if it's legit and they are contacting customers they would know my account number or name and address at least.

The fear of missing out on a good deal should not win out over the fear of being scammed.

If you are curious about current offers then contact TELUS via phone number on the web site or using Chat.