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How do I connect Chamberlain Internet Gateway to my Router T3200M?

Just Moved In

I recently purchased a Chamberlain internet gateway to operate my garage door opener remotely. I need to connect this Chamberlain internet gateway to my router. I tried multiple times but the gateway won't connect. Can someone help me with how I can connect it to my router?

I am using this video as a guide to connect but the green light would not turn solid. What should I do?


Please guide.

Not on sale anymore, but here's a link to the product on Amazon. I suggest adding it to your wishlist and keeping an eye on the price for reductions. Setting up MyQ Internet Gateway Garage door opener in less than 4 minutes. This is by far the easiest smart device I've ...


What is the distance between the router and the gateway?

Have you tried placing the gateway near the router and then doing the configuration?


I had no problems connecting the gateway to my t3200, but I have have separate SSID for 2.4 and 5Ghz.