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How can I upgrade my router if I have optik TV?


I have a telus T3200m router and I have been having problems with port forwarding on it for over a year now (see below link for info). Regardless, if I wanted to upgrade my router, what could I do to make sure optik TV still works, but also make the new router work (and hopefully be able to forward ports). I have fibre internet by the way. My I don't have a lot of knowledge about this type of thing, but if anyone knows how I could go about this I'd love to know. If I can't upgrade please refer to this post 


Thanks in advance.


Community Power User
Community Power User

Some folks have put a switch between the Fibre ONT and the T3200M and a router of their choosing. Then put Optik on the T3200M and the rest of the network on the other router.

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Below my router, there's a box that the fiber cable goes in, and there is an Ethernet cable coming out of it. This ethernet cable plugs in to the T3200m. There are three unused ethernet ports on the box that the fiber cable goes into. Could I just plug a router into one of these?

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No. Only the one port is active on the fibre box. The only way to connect a third party router to that box is if you place a gigabit switch between it and the routers. You would end up with two separate networks. It would look like this:



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That makes sense thank you

I have T3200m in bridge then a personal router to allow porting for a your way better and has anyone port forwarded a T3200...?


In the linked thread there was a suggestion by @Upcraft to do a factory reset and you didn't reply as to whether you tried that or not.

I have tried that, no luck. I never actually saw that comment, but I have done it and it didn't work.