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Some tips for customers migrating from copper to fibre.


If you are migrating from copper to fiber, here are some tips. Telus won't tell you any of these things in advance:


You may or may not keep your PVR recordings. It all depends on how the back office configures your new fiber account. Telus won't tell you this, but my installer did. Luckily we kept all of ours.


Telus will screw up your bill. Badly. It will take multiple phone calls to fix it. Our bill for the month of the switchover increased by roughly 2.5 times, as Telus double charged us: once for copper service and once for fiber service, plus "partial charges" for the fiber service for the services we had already paid. Multiple phone calls to sort it out. On the first call Telus expectation was that we "just pay it, and you'll get a credit next month". Hell no. I'm not giving Telus a month and a half interest free loan until the credit is used up. 


If you have home phone and have voice mail, you will lose the message waiting tone. You will phone Telus, and they will connect you to multiple people who know nothing about the issue. After an hour on the phone the Level 1 technical support person that doesn't know what a message waiting tone even is will file a Level 2 request. You will then wait until someone who knows what is wrong gets around to it.


I still don't have a message waiting tone. 


Fiber is great. The onsite tech was knowledgeable and did a very good job. The rest of the upgrade process is horrendous and frankly Telus should be embarrassed by it.



Forgot to add. Telus will also delete all your Telus email addresses without telling you, and won't so much as apologize for the inconvenience of you having lost multiple days worth of emails while they fix it.