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Help;disabled and Voice control. Aunt has a new fire TV and Alexa+ Optik

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Help; my aunt is disabled and Voice control. She has a new fire TV and Alexa+ Optik tv. She wants to control the channels up and down; volume and mute. And power on and off.


We have managed to get her fire tv to turn off and on with voice. But it won't change channels. Weirdly we got the fire tv to recognize the Arris brand Telus optic tv box....but it cannot change channels in the test screen. Everything else seems ok. But this is being achieved via the actual fire tv is not being programmed via the home telus app.


It's a mess. How can we get the darn tv to change channels (cable) with her voice. She's paying a lot per month and telus advertises voice control. We've spent countless hours with customer support but this is so beyond them it's not even funny.


Even weirder when she turns off the tv overnight...the tv won't come back on with voice control...someone has to come over and turn the power button of the remote to turn on the tv. And then there a Green Telus Optik screen asking you to press OK to get it working. Then it's alright...except of course for the channel changing.


help please.


Community Power User
Community Power User


Based on the Telus website, you have limited voice capabilities on the newest device, and they are through Google’s interface: “The new TELUS Bluetooth remote is backlit with a light sensor and has direct buttons for apps like Netflix. Powered by Google Assistant 1, you can use your voice to change a channel or search TV, streaming services and more, all at the same time.”

It appears functions such as power on and off, or volume are not voice activated.


Older TV devices have no voice control, to my recollection.

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