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Gigabit Internet is slower than advertised much slower

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First I want to say I am unsure if I have any wired or wireless devices with a gigabit connector, and my wireless settings are messed up right now anyways. However I know you can go into the t3200 router's advance settings and do a speed test there. I did that and this is my results:


peed Test ResultsTest Results
Speed Test
Train Rate Downstream:1000Mbps
Train Rate Upstream:1000Mbps
Average Downstream:393.56Mbps Mbps
Average Upstream:261.64Mbps Mbps
Ping Time:N/A
MTU Size:1500
MSS Size:1460
TCP Connection:Yes
RWIN Size:87380
Do Not Fragment Bit:Enabled
The rate shows it is set to gigabit but it is getting less than 400 downstream. I would expect from the router it should be closer to 1000 shouldn't it? If so what should be done?

Yes I have turned it off and on again a few times 🙂
Thank you!

Community Power User
Community Power User

Depends on the tool being used to measure the speeds. If you review posts in the Neighbourhood, you will find a number of posts discussing internet speeds. The protocol that Telus uses appears to be multiple Streams of data in parallel. This makes sense when you consider high data rate connections are meant for multiple simultaneous users streaming data, not one user consuming The whole stream. 
I suggest finding a gigabit device, and using Speedtest as your measurement tool before looking into other solutions.


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It may also depend on the load on which is sending (download) and receiving (upload) the data for the speed test. I can't imagine that serve being able to handle a lot of simultaneous gigabit tests.