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Fibre optic installation.

Lousy job of installing the line in our townhouse neighborhood. I have wire hanging on the outside of my unit because the main cable box wasn't positioned properly. I was told that this was the best that they could do, otherwise they'd have to drill another hole through the exterior wall and hang the wire on the interior walls. I asked if the exposed wire could be put in a conduit to which I was advised it was above the technicians pay grade. Our Condo Board has made several attempts for remedy
But if advice.......don't get into a deal with fibre optic installation without knowing where the main boxes will be located and how this will affect the wiring to your unit, whether you're in a multi-family or single family residence.

Can someone provide me with contact information for me to voice my situation? Would be appreciated.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Lambo While I can't make promises, I can try to steer you in the right direction with some info from you. I've sent a PM your way 🙂