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Feedback - moved in from Shaw


Looong time Shaw customer, this is my first week with Telus fiber.

I have to say I am VERY impressed (other than the mess in the front lawn), TELUS just completed the fiber build in my neighborhood. I've been having a LOT of issues with Shaw over the past 6 months, with 3 online gamers in the house and my 24x7 work connections I needed fast, reliable and stable internet!  

I AM very technical and use my own router -Ubiquity EdgeRouter 4 and dedicated wifi with an older Orbi Mesh system.  I am using the Nokia ONT to terminate the fiber vs directly in my router -may do this later... 


So far so good! Everything as advertised!  The Optik TV transition is another story, but I'm happy to say the Internet is great!  Not sure how good the images are on this forum but you can see how my upload speeds jumped after the install! -Will make my PLEX customers happy 😉
I'm most impressed with the latency. It dropped from 8-10ms to 1ms -sometimes less!!! 






Community Manager
Community Manager

Awesome! We're glad to have you, and you're in the right place if you ever have any questions as well. Also, you can always reach out via our Twitter or Facebook pages as well, if you prefer that. Thanks!


Welcome to Telus Neighbourhood. And, you made a good choice. the mess over at Shaw right now, is insane. As a techie myself it's always nice to find others of a similar understanding. Sorry to hear that your front lawn was damaged. Just between you and me, it's kinda worth it. Oh and one more only gets better from here.