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Telus not Allowing Magic Jack

Just Moved In

I changed from Freedom to Telus in august of 2022. I regretted that.

Since I made the change, my Magic Jack IP phone has yet to work.

Telus had sent about four technicians, but they needed could not solve the problem.


I tried Shaw internet recently, and the Magic Jack connected seamlessly.

How do I get Telus to allow my Magic jack traffic?


Thank you all I 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @Banks007 sorry about that! While some VoIP products work with our network, as MagicJack is a third party device we don't support it. Perhaps through them directly!


You may want to have a gander at MagicJack's support section. removing the software config, and reinstalling seems to be the supported method of correcting most of the issues.


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Go on Amazon and buy a USB to phone line adapter. Then once it ships, plug the phone part of your magic jack into the phone line. And the USB part into your modem where a NAS would go. Then port forward the MAC of the connected Magic Jack to receive outside traffic at your IP. That should get things up and running theoretically. As if it's a VOIP system, it'd have a MAC address you could put in DMZ mode or you could make a rule for whatever port it uses.