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Fibre installation in my neighborhood keeps getting delayed


I moved into Huntington Hills 3 years ago, every 6 months I have been told "Oh itll be installed in your community this coming fall, oh its being installed early feb, its being installed early spring." Rinse and repeat for the last three years. What is the hold up? Why is the ETA constantly being pushed back. Im so frustrated, I just want to have real fibre I am begging you guys to take my money, Shaw is so TERRIBLE in this neighborhood. 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey, Samantha! We're always working on expanding our PureFibre network as quickly as possible. While I can't give a definitive timeframe for a specific location here (due to many factors such as cost, dealing with stratas, etc.), I recommend filling out the form over at and getting your neighbours to do so as well! When Fibre is available, we'll let you know!