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Ethernet port not working


I had a Telus tech activate an ethernet wall port a few weeks ago. Now I want to use it with a cat5e cable, but it does not work. The wall port does not work on any computer/laptop.


Can you clarify what you mean by "activate"?
Did the tech run a new Ethernet line or did they just connect an existing line to the router?

If it was a previously existing line there's a chance there is a cabling/termination problem or the line connected actually goes somewhere else.

I believe they connected an existing line. They change the faceplate in the bedroom to have an Ethernet port.


Also, when I plug my Ethernet patch cable directly into the back of the router, it connects to my laptop no problems. Same patch cable into same laptop but using my bedroom's wall port, nothing at all - it doesn't recognize an Ethernet connection.

As I said previously I can think of some possibilities:
- the cable in the wall is damaged
- the termination at the wall or the other end is incorrect
- the other end of the cable is not what was connected to the router