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Contact for PureFiber Install at MHP

Friendly Neighbour

I am reaching out today in hopes of finding a contact for PureFiber install into our Mobile Home park located at 8945 hwy 97 Kelowna, BC. I am in direct contact with the park owners and have been tasked with finding out how we can get the connections / servicing installed. Each street already has dedicated electrical buildings with conduits between them as well as conduits to each home for services. Currently Shaw and Telus copper phone lines (old lines that do not support DSL) are provisioned to each building and residence however the tenants would like other options for Internet and TV. Some tenants have Telus Dish TV service but this does not provide Highspeed internet options so currently we must go with Shaw. I know Telus had installed Fiber along the frontage and entrance of our park (Hwy 97) so all that should be required is an overhead fiber following the current power servicing from the Hwy into the main electrical building and from there it's all conduits to other streets and homes so easy provisioning of services. I have tried to call and reach out spending hours on hold with different Telus personnel either saying they could not find the address or that there may not be fiber on the Hwy at that location however I know for certain It's running past our entrance at the highway. If anyone could share the proper Telus contact to reach out for installs so that I don't have to wait on hold for hours to only be redirected to another place that would be great. We have at current 100 homes and future plans to grow so having a second option to the current Shaw would be well appreciated to the existing tenants that are looking for an alternative.




Community Power User
Community Power User

Tried that, got to the step putting in our address and it cannot find it, called the number it showed after 3 wrong entries and after 2.5 hr of on hold and having the rep try to find me a contact I was told to try the business side. I did that and was told it's residential so again I need an actual number or contact for this because the online system has issues with the address and does not allow me to progress.