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Change #rings for BOTH Default and SmartRing number


I probably have to call support for this, but since we got PureFiber we were advised that we had to get off the copper land line and port over to fiber. What they didn't say is that all saved voice mails would be lost and I actually had to call them to get the second line enabled.


The only remaining issue is how do I manage the number of rings for both lines? I am able to do this with our primary number but the second number just keeps ringing and ringing and ringing - I think 8 or 9 times.





Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @jdanham 

If you didn't get help in the meantime, these steps might help if you have a TELUS voicemail:

 - Pick up your home phone and dial *94 at the dial tone

-  Wait for two seconds

- Press the button on the phone that matches the desired number of rings.

- wait two more seconds and then you should hear a message that Call forwarding timer has been updated successfully

 - hang up


If those steps do not help, we recommend contacting our tech support.

Hi T-Speed,

Yes I got into that programming earlier and it's actually where this all started. I am 99% sure that prior to PureFibre and having to convert to the fibre-based landline, when doing this same programming it changed both primary and the SmartRing number. I was actually on the phone with Support earlier and they were not able to get anyone in the back office to investigate so I now have an open ticket and hope that they can do something.