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Can i sign up now and upgrade to fibre later?

Currently have shaw as I was misinformed when I bought the house that Telus dont provide service.

I can get internet 50 but recently it has been suggested to me that my area of the NE of Calgary will be upgraded to fibre .

If i were to sign up to a two year agreement will i be penalized for upgrading to fibre?


@Laoch  Fibre was installed in our town.  It was a year later i had my internet  and phone hooked up to the fibre. Better internet speed modest increase in $ but no installation charges. Did not get optik because i am on there satellite feed. The old copper internet was slow. Have 25/25 on fibre speeds are 27up-27 down just about all the time fast enough for our needs. They reduced my home phone to $20 at that time we don't use it much might get rid of it. Should be no charge to you when you order ask a lot of questions and write them down so you can recall later prices packages etc. I was not on a contract then or now monthly only. Polecat

Friendly Neighbour

You wouldn’t get penalized, simply because you do not own the technology Telus does, the connection is either copper or fibre. When fibre comes copper goes, only one gets to connect to the internet. Think of fibre as true internet, as time goes on the “true internet” that is fibre gets closer and closer to your computer. Now it’s made it to your house, in the future it will make it to your router, then the computer, and then the motherboard etc.