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Caller ID Problem




When someone calls me from a particular number, the call display says "unknown". When they leave a message, their number shows in the voice message system.


How can I get their number to show in both caller ID and the voice mail system? They only have this problem when calling me. I've already worked through the troubleshooting steps.





Sounds like settings on the phone itself are set to only show the name or number but not both. Do other calls come in with both visible on the screen at the same time? Is it just one caller that you are seeing this trouble with or all callers?

Other calls come in showing both name and number. The problem is only with this caller.

There probably isn't anything you can do to resolve this one then. The Caller ID system on the phone switch displays the incoming call info on your handsets while the calling number that is recorded to the voicemail system works on the voicemail platform which is an IP based technology. Incoming calls from outside the Telus network may not translate through completely on the phone switch which is why you only see Unknown and not the number.

This is very confusing.


If someone blocks their number, I can choose not to answer it. If they leave a message. their number will show in voicemail (even though they tried blocking it).


Someone who is not blocking their number is showing as "Unknown", and I'm trying to figure out why. If they leave a message, their number will show in voicemail. My Caller ID works for all other numbers.


I tried contacting Telus support, and they just sent me a link to the article I mentioned in my first post.



Extracted from TELUS information on per call blocking 




  • When leaving a message for a TELUS Voice Mail subscriber, your name and number may be provided

  • When leaving a message for a TELUS Voice Mail subscriber, your name and number may be provided

The above reply seems off-topic or out of context. Please see my original post.



In your posts you asked the question  about  blocked caller ID appearing on voice mail, and I answered your question.



I apologize if I wasn't clear.


Someone is calling me, and their number shows as "unknown".

  1. They are not blocking their number
  2. Their number shows when they call someone else
  3. If they leave a message, their number shows up in voicemail

I'm not sure how to begin diagnosing this problem and would welcome any suggestions.




There is nothing you can do on your end. If you want to see if there is a solution that strongly then you can try contacting Telus technical support but they will most likely give you the same response I gave above. Calls that originate from outside the Telus network may not come through properly on your phone's caller ID as the outgoing name and number display of the calling party may not translate entirely on the switch since different phone companies use different methods and formats for transmitting that data.

The caller is not on Telus.


I guess I'm just confused because when they leave a message (seconds later) their number does show up. It just doesn't appear on the caller ID.



TELUS  will probably tell you that the communication path to your home phone and the voice mail system are different. Somewhere on home phone communication  the callerid info is lost


The only thing I haven't checked is the caller ID on Optik TV.



I got a call while watching TV, and the number showed up on the screen, yet showed "unknown" on the phone.


I seems that the problem is at this end (Telus).