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COVID 19 Data Overage Charges After April 30




My billing cycle ends after April 30th.  If am over my data limit on April 30th how is additional data treated between the 30th and the start of my new billing cycle?  Does data usage reset on April 30th? Am I charged for data used between April 30th and my new billing cycle (e.g. if my limit is 300 and I am at 325 on April 30th and 400 by the end of my billing cycle I am charged 75for GBs)? Or would I be charged for all the GBs I am over by at the end of my billing cycle (100 GB in the above example)?





Community Power User
Community Power User

My guess, and it is only a guess, is your data will be pro-rated for the month, and overages up to April 30 will be comped, but after than you are expected to stay within your average daily limit.

Of course, if social distancing expectations are extended past April 30, it is possible the Telus offer will be extended too.


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