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Booster WiFI signal works with Optk STB ?


My T3200 router's WiFi signal (in my basement) isn't strong enough for my wireless Optik STB (red signal indicator, not green). If I add a booster to run my wireless STB, will this work? This is to say I want to turn off the WiFi on my router and only have the booster offer a WiFI signal in my house?


Community Power User
Community Power User

No. Unfortunately the Boost devices do not transmit the necessary multicast IP signal needed for Optik. Have you any opportunity to run an ethernet cable to the location of your Optik box, or move the T3200M closer?


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That's unfortunate. I'm not able to run an Ethernet cable to my STB, nor relocate my router. If I added a second, 3rd party router to function as an acess point (plugged into Ethernet) that offered multicast, would this work?


Do you have a coax cable outlet in that room? If so you can get a MoCA adapter to run a network connection over coax.

T3200M -> coax -> MoCA - ethernet -> STB

there's nothing in the room - just power.  😐

You can use a powerline adapter then. Costs more than MoCA but you can use it anywhere where there is power.

Example (not necessarily a recommendation as I've never used this one):