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Ethernet Cable Specifications


I am building a new home in Kelowna that will have TELUS fibre feed.  I would like some input on what number of Ethernet cable should be wired throughout the house.  I understand there are four different types, Cat 5, 5e, 6 and 7.  Currently the builder is planning on using Cat 5.  Seems like Cat 6 might be a better choice for future improvements to technology.


Thanks in advance for the feedback.



@RonnyJ  Like anything else there are reasons to plan ahead for your network. Depending how much info ( speed upload down load ) you want send across the network i would choose 6 or 6e there is a 7 out now. Some cables block interference from other sources. There are new cables coming out every year best talk to computer installer for best info. I installed 5e and for our amount of usage works just fine.   Cost difference is very little. Plan your network wisely to late a year from now.


I think it depends on the maximum transmission speed and distance that you are planning for. See this table. 




@RonAKA  You are correct there is good better best. Your table will not show up on this site. Thats why i say talk to a good computer installer . Maybe plan for the speeds 5 years down the road.


Thanks for the info.  Very helpful and sort of what triggered my ask.  Cat 5 is out, will find a good installer and plan something more than Cat 5.  As you say, the 5 year plan.

Strange. Why would the image not show up? I can see it.

@RonAKA  Your site shows up as faint slow moving triangle. I've seen this before and it doesn't  work .. ??????

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The images I think are being moderated. The user that posts the image here can see it but others won’t until it’s approved. I think.

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Thanks for your input.  It is helpful.


I think the big thing is that individual data transmission is limited based on the standard you use. Cat 5e is limited to 1gbps bandwidth, Cat 6 is 10 gbps, but the specs also deal with noise and cross talk. This article ( suggests Cat 7 is overkill and not standardized by international regulators yet. I have Cat 5e on Fibre 1gbps with no issue. If you want to plan for future speeds, you can install Cat 6 and be ahead of the game, but speeds will always be limited at both ends (i.e., your network but also that at the site you're accessing). If the cost difference isn't significant, my perspective is to always go for the best. 


Thanks for your input.  Like the specifications you called out. Suspect speed limitations are like 4KTV etc. in that you can have but if it isn't broadcast.....


Appreciate the time you took to reply.