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Best way to migrate to gmail with 100 email aliases?


My email migration date to move from Telus email to Telus Gmail is coming up fast.
Unfortunately it is complicated by the fact that I have over 100 email aliases, but Telus Gmail only allows 30 aliases per email account.

One possible solution is to create 4 email accounts, each with only 30 aliases maximum, but then I would have to monitor 4 different email accounts which clearly is not as convenient as just having to monitor 1 account.


Has anyone figured out a way to migrate with a high number of email aliases and have it work more seamlessly than that?


TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Your solution is the right step forward. Once you have those new accounts created, you can setup forwarding to your current account for all mail. This will allow you to receive all the mail in one inbox.


Automatically forward Gmail messages to another account (this will help you with setting up forwarding on Google for the new accounts)


Send an email from an alias (this is how you can allow your main account to be able to send as one of the aliases on the other accounts)


Also, you can manage your aliases within your My TELUS account. It is under Internet, then Email. You will delete the aliases from one email account, and then add the aliases on to the new account. 

Thank you for the help. Neither article though mentions what to do with the forwarding header in the email once it has been forwarded to a main account (I assume that the forwarding rule described in the article will add a "Fwd:" prefix to the subject line, and add a "forwarded from" header into he body of the email).

If the forwarding rule does indeed add info into the subject and body, then replying to it will still contain all this extra info as well unless I remember to manually strip it out every time I reply to one of those forwarded emails.


Are my above assumptions true, or do they behave differently than that?