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Port Forward with Telus T3200M Modem.

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I'd like to port forward the port 27960 UDP for a Steam game (Quake 3/ Quake Live) to host a private server. Is that port (27960 UDP) blocked by Telus with Residential Home Internet? If not, how do I port forward it? Guide me through it please.


Community Power User
Community Power User

Looks like Q3 Live uses a different port than the normal port used by Quake 3 Server. The T3200 has settings for the original Quake 3 Server already in there, thanks to the horribly outdated settings the T3200 firmware still has. (Found under Firewall > Applications) The original Q3 Server used port 27660 so that won't work for Q3 Live. In this case you'd need to set up a custom rule to use the new port.


  1. Log in
  2. Click Firewall at the top
  3. Click Port Forwarding on the left menu
  4. Choose your PC or device hosting the server from the list of devices
  5. Fill in the WAN and LAN ports
  6. Hit Apply.

In theory that should do it. You will NOT be able to connect to your own external IP from the host PC. The router/network won't allow that. Another device on another connection or a device in your home using a VPN should be able to connect if everything worked.


You may also want to set your PC / server to have a static IP in the T3200 settings. (Advanced Setup > DHCP Reservation)

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