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Bad Solving Technical Issues

Just Moved In

I am frustrated right now with Telus, and I just want to cancel the contract with them as soon as possible.


The thing is today is the 3rd appointment to re-install the moved service so far. And nothing has been installed nor fixed. The 2 last visits, all the tech guys said the same thing about the Wires are broken, damaged, there's no signal connecting to my place from outside. And today as well. Unfortunately, I am on the 2-year contract with them.


But I think I have the rights to cancel it since this is their own responsibilities. When I booked the 3rd appointment, I texted with every single customer service helper about making sure everything's alright and ready to get installed. They all replied with the 'assurance'. I actually believed it. And here it is. There has been no internet for my family for a month already.




Community Power User
Community Power User

The installation tech should have escalated the issue to the Tham which deals with the outside portion of the service. The Tech should have left a business card, and your first follow-up should be with them.

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