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Adding non Telus Mesh wireless repeaters to the home network

Helpful Neighbour

Eh folks- sorry if this has been asked a bunch of times... my search results don't quite hit the mark. 


Wanting to add a couple of Asus routers in repeater mode to the 2 unit "mesh" since the signal strength is below desirable. 


Why would I even have the mesh if I had these routers laying around anyway? Well it's a reasonable question... Let's start with "I'm an idiot" and we can work our way down from there. 


Anyway, my first pass with switching the routers to repeater mode and configuring them to work in the mesh network didn't have any results- I have a few options (trying to repeater mode again is one of them) but if it's not going to work given the nature of the devices or something I won't waste my time. 


Judging by some of the other threads I've read there are some sensationally well informed folks in here- so hopefully you can set me straight and I'll get this thing licked. 


Thanks in advance, 


Community Power User
Community Power User

My guess is the existing mesh devices have a proprietary interconnection protocol. While you might add the Asus routers to your wireless network, it will not likely be to your mesh.


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Friendly Neighbour

Connections use standard networking protocols, nothing proprietary about how the Asus connects. If there was it wouldn’t connect to devices in the home, rendering it useless as a router.

Friendly Neighbour

The simple answer is that you cannot have two local IP addresses in one network, well you can but you’d need to change your subnet mask.


Those mesh networks want you to connect directly to the Public IP address, and they will configure the rest - they are idiot proof allegedly.


So you need to bridge one of your routers, either the Asus Mesh or the Telus Modem/ Router. Chances are the former will be difficult as it is meant to be idiot proof, unless you have advanced mode in there, then just look for bridge mode and it work.


Your best bet is call Telus and ask them to bridge their router, this will disable the routing function on box and only leave the modem. Now your Asus mesh is free to do what it was meant to do, assign IP addresses.