Access to Sportsnet live signing in with Telus as a cable provider...


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This topic has been covered before, but the solutions given have not worked for me, I have tried.  In the past I was able to access Sportsnet live to watch a hockey game the next day, now I am not able to.  I have called Telus to inquire why this is so but I was maybe mis-understood and was told that Telus-on-the-go was the way to go.  But it is not.  How to I get access to Sportsnet live using my current telus account?


I would appreciate any help,



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1) Do you currently subscribe to Sportsnet?

2) Are you on Optik TV or Satellite?

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1)  I am currently a sportsnet subscriber.

2)  I am using Optik TV.


So hope this helps and don't know what you tried in the past.

I had to through the TV Optik guide create a Telus ID (email address and password)

Once that was done, you can go to Sportsnet Live and sign in choosing Telus as a provider

Another page should pop up asking you to login. (if not, make sure you don't have a pop up blocker on)

This is the ID you created through the guide.

Then you should be good to go.

Good Luck.