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2 modems in the same house?

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Is it possible to have 2 modems in the same house? I found out that my landlord has been using our wifi cause one day our wifi was out. I called the telus help line and they sent a tech guy over asking where our modem was. I pointed it out and they said that was just the wifi extender. So we went up to the landlords upstairs and found the modem and I wasn't sure if it was ours or not. The tech guy called their help line and said there was only one modem in this whole house. So that means it should be our modem? The only reason we don't have the modem down at our place is cause the landlord didn't want the tech guys to drill holes into the wall to put up the modem. Does that mean the upstairs modem is ours then or his? Today I went upstairs to look at the modem and logged into the admin and stuff changed the password and what not. The landlord comes downstairs and ask oh is ur wifi working? I said yes so that proves my point it is our modem or his? Either way my question is would it be too much trouble to have 2 modems in the house or will there be too many wires running around or what not. Should I just call telus to confirm that is our box or call out the landlord and ask if they have a telus account showing prove that they should have a modem as well.



@dexkon Wrote: 2 modems in the same house?


I have seen residences that have 2 separate connections to the same address. Requires Telus to pull separate fiber to the second location in the residence. This is normally facilitated for a secondary conforming suite located within the residence.


Now, if you asking if your able to just hook up a second router to the existing incoming connection. This is indeed a possibility, however, it does not change the fact there will still only be one service account to the residence, this would just for arguments sake become a shared single account, not 2 separate service accounts. basically what you currently have.


This is going to be a discussion between yourself, and the landlord if they will agree to having a second service installed within the residence. If that works out for then it's a matter of arranging with Telus to have that second connection installed... That's where this contact info may be of assistance to you...


I'd start with the chat function, and if that doesn't work, the following number and departments should be able to assist, Technical Support: 1-888-811-2323, Account, billing & sales support: same number: 1-888-811-2323.


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