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2.4GHz WiFi internet speeds are slow, my WYZE cameras are slow


I'm having a very large issue regarding connection speeds for my WYZE cameras and my 2.4GHz Wi-Fi internet connection in general.


I just have two cameras and they're both located in the same room as the TELUS Wi-Fi Hub.


I've tried placing them closer to the hub itself, but no difference. I'm checking the speeds via the WYZE app on my phone. Both cameras have a signal strength of around -42dBm.


They're on the 2.4GHz band:

  • Wireless Mode: g/n
  • Channel: Auto
  • Bandwidth: 20MHz

I've got about 4 devices total connected to this band, 2 of which are my two WYZE cameras. Two other devices are a raspberry pi and my wireless air conditioner. I've turned off the raspberry pis and the air conditioner, but the WYZE speeds don't change.

The other band I have enabled is 5GHz-High and only my phone is connected to that, when I'm home. My phone WiFi speed seems to work fine. It seems to be the 2.4GHz band where internet speeds are drastically low.

My overall internet speed is 170Mbps on ethernet, same on my phone. I don't know how to check speeds on my WYZE cameras other than the WYZE app, but when I check my raspberry pi on WiFi: Download is around 7.96 Mbps and upload is around 5Mbps.

So this is quite a large issue.



Also forgot to mention, I'm getting about 0.5 - 20Kbps speeds on my WYZE cameras, on 360P mode...

Community Manager
Community Manager

It definitely does warrant looking in to, especially with the speed you're getting on your cameras specifically. Have you spoken with our SmartHome team about this? They'd be able to look in to troubleshooting and/or dispatching a repair tech to your home!

I tried, the chat is closed, and I only get a phone number option for Business Internet.

Is there a Smarthome support phone number or chat link for resident customers to help fix the 2.4ghz WiFi band speeds issue?

So I managed to talk to someone over the phone.

We tested the 5GHz band, as expected it's working fine gets about 170Mbps download.

I disconnected from 5GHz so my phone was forced to use the 2.4GHz, only got around 1-15Mbps.

The tech connected to my modem and tried different channels. None of them helped the speeds, some actually made it go to around 2Mbps.

She reset my modem, thought maybe it was congested (doubtful I only have like 4 devices connected to it). I only connected my phone to it, still got around 15Mbps.

Tech did not have an answer and came to the conclusion the modem was defective and is sending me a new one.

Is this fairly common? Does the 2.4GHz band breakdown frequently on TELUS modem/routers?

Community Manager
Community Manager

It isn't common for sure, thus the dispatch of new equipment. I agree too, with only 4 connected devices, 'congestion' seems really unlikely. Let us know how it goes when it arrives...and very much appreciate your patience!