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1Gb service with T3200m and WEB6000q extenders?

I’m currently on a 2 year promo that is about to roll over to the “expensive” 2nd year and will be calling TELUS to negotiate a new deal. I have a 300Mb/s service on T3200m and 3 WEB6000q extenders and 3 Optik TV boxes. I have an extensive array of Wi-Fi lights, shades and IoT devices so changing the router/extenders is not practical.

Question: is the T3200m capable of the 1gb service so I don’t have to replace my modem/router/extender config?


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AFAIK, the T3200M will work with Gigabit fibre, but beyond that the newer router is needed.


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We have fibre optic pulled into the house with the 300Mb plan so we are capable of 1 or 1.5gb. Is the switch to the 940mb (ie 1gb) service just a “flip of a switch” on the TELUS side or is replacement equipment necessary? Replacing my SSID with a different one, or rendering my extenders useless with a different router would create a massive make work project for me that I don’t want.

Even if you had to switch to a different router there's nothing stopping you from setting up the same SSID and password on the new router. It should be a seamless transition for any WiFi clent devices.

Maybe. (Tried that when TELUS had to swap another T3200 and it was incredibly unstable when I renamed the router to the old one).

Really what I’m hoping to hear is “hey dude, I have the same he setup as you. Just call them when you want to upgrade that 300mb service to 1gb and you’ll be fine”....any takers? 🙂

I have 1 Gbps optic fibre and the t3200 can handle it, but beware as it can only truly handle those speeds at wired connections, while wireless maxes out at around 500 if no one is using the network, plus many devices cant even go beyond 100 ie most smartphones.


I am still trying to find a way to maximize the wireless network speeds in my home and have been thinking of the Asus ROG router AC5300 but I really would like to hear someone's bit and if telus even allows us to use routers provided by us...

NFtoBC is wrong. The t3200 will not work with 1Gb pure fibre. Telus would swap out your t3200 for what they call "The Wireless Hub" it does work with the gig plan on fibre. If it's not swapped out you will never see the speed you're paying for. So if your don't want to redo everything don't switch to the gig plan.

Does the “new” Wireless Hub work properly with the WEB6000q extenders? Does it still use the Nokia ONT or replace it?

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It can use the same Nokia ONT. I had that modem but in the end I found the Telus firmware to unreliable and I now have
Took all of 2 mins to set up. But I don't have Telus optik tv. And my lan is a 24 port patch panel and switch.

So can I just request the new Hub? I have the 750 plan since about a month ago and my wireless can’t get over 500, connected directly to T3200M’s SSID or the Google Wifi I use.

Also, how does the hub work with optik tvs and is the change easy to do by myself? I’d rather avoid having people in my house lol

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You’re unlikely to see over 500 on Wi-Fi with any of Telus’ routers. See this article.



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this is incorrect


We've had fibre for quite some time @ 150Mb and just upgraded to 1Gb with Optik TV.

The router is the same T3200M we've had since fibre was installed.

Wired speeds are now in the 930 Mbps range

Wireless (5G AC) are in the 400-450 Mbps range