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Telus outgoing SMTP server for business


i m really confused


we switched to TELUS business from another provider............

we used telus in the past but now its really messed up 


how do we register our statics/MAC? what happened to the OCA? do we have to call over seas each time to register a static ip address , and Reverse DNS? 

also outgoing connection, telus says  , then gmail, then smto, . do we need a google account? telus said its not available for business. 

what happened to just to send out mail?



All I can do is obsure the obsurdaty and agree with you there ignorant and stupid decisions that only empower people that spy on or emails located at akamai deployments ie google hotmail aol etc.  It seems we want to move everyone off secure servers they cant spy on to easy to spy on ones like those.  


Perhaps you dont care about security and thats whats required to think these are smart decisions at telus for example sending on secure email via SSL 993 on amazon services linked to shaw only to be banned the moment you have everything working in a secure fashion.


They seem to attack smart customers at all ISP's now and it doesn't look like that will change perhaps why the email might read.  " I dont think they can read this when do you want the job finished? "