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The ineptitude is stunning


It took 10 calls, and over four hours to transfer my consumer account mobile phone to my business account. The customer service was mostly horrible with all but one rep sounding extremely stressed and rattled.


Here is what their self-touted "world-class" technology looks like:

  • they dropped my call three times
  • once weren't able to hear me after the rep picked up
  • reps wouldn't or couldn't transfer my call between consumer, business, sales, mobile, or landline departments

Here is the call log:

Nov 25: Was told that I needed to call the business department, which had just closed.
Nov 28 1000: Spoke with a business agent  (answered at 1100) who said that I needed to get a consumer person to put a note on the account to say I approve moving the phone to the business account. Transferred me to the consumer department.
Nov 28 1155: Via chat, Pavel Huberto added the note and released the line. (still no answer on voice line)
Nov 28 1259: call back. Line dropped on transfer to customer care team
Nov 28 1301: call back. Line cut off when I hit wrong button and confused the automatron
Nov 28 1312: call back. Line cut off before speaking to anyone
Nov 28 1318: call back. Agent unable to hear me although I could hear her.
Nov 28 1324: call back. Agent said that she was sales and couldn't help me. Said she couldn't transfer me.Told me to call back and begin again.
Nov 28 1329: call back. Jay answered at 1358 and was able to complete my request in about 25 minutes
In my opinion, TELUS is far too over-subscribed for its support organization. Some tasks cannot be done using the automated attendant, and there is no choice but to talk to a rep. They can't keep competition suppressed forever, and if they hope to keep their customer base, they will need to up their support game substantially.
Fibre is coming to my community in 2023, and if TELUS can't fix their help desk before the fibre is at my office door, I'll be moving all my TELUS services (landlines, internet, security) to a new provider. Our mobiles will most likely follow as other providers improve their cellular services. I've been a TELUS customer since 1989, but enough is enough. There are other options.


I read the entire thing I dont understand the difficulty your having but it could be worst you could be me " SHAW REFUSES TO DELIVER " they removed any option they work as a team to be ignorant and attack people that are smart enough to run there own servers etc.  Ignorance breeds Ignorance and its propagated blissfully at ISP's what we need is options but no company can evade end point like coax and dsl etc and its impossible to run one patch of FIBRE and put on a entire new era of smart people on it.  Though it would be nice to try.