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Moving an exterior telus guy wire & communication line to a new anchor


We are having a hard time finding a contact to help us. We are building a house and do not have Telus service or power. The Telus line is blocking the BCHydro line. We need Telus to come out and move their line. Telus gives us the run around saying BCHydro can go around (which they cant). Does anyone have a contact lead to someone who can assist us? 


Community Power User
Community Power User

Is the guy wire running from the pole to the house or is it anchoring the pole? Is the line you need moved running to the house or between poles? If poles, do any of the poles have BCHydro lines on them? Normally hydro lines are well above the telecom lines on the poles and at the house so they shouldn't obstruct each other. I've seen in the past where services / lines were physically detached for house demolition / reconnected after construction if the pole itself didn't need to be touched. 

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