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Horrible experience with Business Connect sign up

Just Moved In

I have to vent about the god awful experience I have had signing up for Telus Business Connect service. I wish I had not done it and to be honest, I am still not sure if I have actually signed up. I  have a Telus copper line that I wanted to take to my new location. The sales rep sold me on the Business Connect phone service. Sure, I said, sign me up. I went back and forth, picked out the VOIP phone I wanted and signed the contract. 


3 weeks later, I have only received 1 of my 5 ordered phones. They told me that someone from Concierge team will reach out to assist with the setup. Never heard from anyone. My official move date is in 4 days and by now, I have been on the phone with half their telephone reps and I am told "you might get your phones in 3-5 days". 


Great, I thought. Then, I asked about porting my old Telus phone. Now, at the 11th hour, they tell me "its going to take another 7 days". I am already leaving my old location in 3 days and am about to be without a phone line for 5 days. 


How can any business hope to run on this Business Connect? Maybe if the hope is to go belly up, then business connect service sounds great. Would never recommend Telus to any colleagues.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Definitely sounds frustrating with the uncertainty. I've sent a PM your way to see if we can get you some support from the business team.