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Can you upgrade your phone with no charge before your contract is up?


Someone told me that you can upgrade your phone for free after 2 years??  Even if you are in a 3 year contract .. something about the law changed about the contracts ... is this true??  Or do I still have to pay the remainder of my device balance plus whatever it is to upgrade to a newer verison of my phone??




Helpful Neighbour

Good Day,


Yes CRTC did change the way the mobility companies create rate plans and charges for clients accounts.  TELUS was the first company to implement these new policies.


Depends on the device you are looking to purchase does depend on how much you will spend on it.  Currently we have a few devices that are $0.00 but others that can charge up to $439.00  As I mentioned all depends on the handset.


Yes if you had a current Device Balance you would still be required to pay it.  You can definitely call into TELUS and see what option we are able to offer you for the newer phone.  Without a phone number I am unable to give exact amounts I apologize for that.


Hope you have a nice day,