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Business Connect - Data Service Lost


I am a TELUS business customer. For years, we activate a seasonal data line from May through to the first weekend in September.  This line and service is not physically located in our main office.  Early this month, September 6th, we issued a work order to de-activate this service for the season.  Sometime during the early morning hours of Sept 19th, TELUS inadvertently de-activated our main office data service resulting in the loss of both email and internet services.  TELUS support was contacted, determined they had a signal so it must be our problem.   Beyond the TELUS modem, our IT determined all of our hardware worked fine.  A TELUS repair technician attended and determined there was no signal and nothing was wrong with the modem. He spent a lengthy time on hold to support and had to leave to attend to other jobs.  We determined and demonstrated our seasonal line was still active.  TELUS turned off the wrong service. There should be a simple solution here, however its appears there is not.  I have spent hours on the phone, on hold, talking to support who in turn cannot receive internal customer service they deserve.  This problem has been bounced between technical support, billing and now installation.  It appears that even when support seeks some sort of escalation, there remains no urgency to address this problem.  All we get is ‘I am sorry”.  We still do not have a data service, no email nor internet.  What I do have is an Order Confirmation issued by someone half a world away for next week to install Office Internet, to add our static IP’s at a cost of $25.00 plus a monthly fee.  This installation apparently does not guarantee that our past email files not saved, will be imported.  We have a 3 year contract in place for our services however Installation needs to have an order which then gets passed through to billing and so on.  TELUS future may be friendly, my present certainly is not.  It is frustrating that there appears to be no email address nor regular mail address that a customer can write to and share their complaint or frustration and expect to receive a genuine reply and not the standard canned answer.  I have sent a message through FB Messenger and have yet to receive a reply and likely will not.   TELUS need people that not only hear, but listen as well.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. I believe our team responded to your message over on Facebook, thanks.

Actually we are still no closer to a real solution.  We have no website, no security cameras and our member database is being comprimised.  Telus sent another repair technicain this past Saturday who had to locate the wire pairings at the offsite pedestal.  Telus technical activated a dynamic ip address and formerly we had an assigned static ip address, which is still working, however we fear we may lose it toghether with all our email data.  We have calls to escalation managers that do not call back and on one occassion an ecalation manager who told me he spoke with my admin staff when in fact he had not.  Another was to call us and even gave us his contact phone.  When we did not hear from him, we call the number given, only to recieve the message that the number had been changed. I am reaching out to anybody and everybody trying to find that one person who can solve this.

Here is yet another update. Our website is still not up and when I try to view my webmail through Easy Hosting, nothing will open - automatically my security blocks the email - URL: Phishing.  I tried opening my email through Gmail - account no longer exists.

This morning I called tech support and surprisingly was connected almost immediatley to Marilyn who would contact and connect Debbie in the CEO Escalation office located in Vancouver.  After over an hour on hold, the phone began ringing only to recieve the number cannot be dialed message.  Marilyn did take my call back number.  That was 6 hours ago.  Has there been a call back... No.  Why can I not find someone who can fix our problems and not just keep running into the same wall.  Two weeks ago TELUS screwed up and disconnected our office inadverantley and somehow are incapable of restoring our service.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. We can always look into re-escalating this to our Escalation team if you'd like to reach out to us again over at our Facebook page!