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Beware Telus Business Call - Scam


This past Wednesday, I was contacted by an individual claiming to represent Telus Business Solutions, Mr. John Paul out of the Philippines. He claimed to be offering me 2 cell plans (which I currently pay $85/mo) for $40/mo and a smart hub (which I currently pay $115/mo) for $40/mo. I liked the idea of saving a ton of money so I agreed that it sounded good but I wanted written details (an offer) prior to committing. In an uber-evasive way, the guy went ahead and processed the order without my consent. I received a number of agreements from Telus stating that a bunch of hardware was shipped to me and it was going to cost me thousands of dollars. I am in the process of getting it resolved but if you get a call from "Telus Business" DO NOT TAKE THE CALL...IT IS A SCAM


Community Manager
Community Manager

Very sorry about that! Unfortunately there are a number of these kinds of calls, some of which even spoof our numbers to appear authentic. Our team would never process an order in this fashion without your explicit consent. Please don't hesitate to reach out to our Business team at 1-888-811-2828 if you'd like to discuss this with them.